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Be nice.

Do good work.

Shift perspectives.

Founded by Tiffany and Kyle Means, Squaredot is a multidisciplinary creative studio that’s equal parts curiosity, craft, and an unbridled love for everything we do (and the teams we are fortunate enough to do it with). We’re guided by our uncompromising integrity, because we believe being nice leads to good work and good work for good people can change the world (we know, big stuff). Through honesty, experience, and a healthy dose of wit, we partner from beginning to end to design work that emotionally connects people with brands and the experiences that define them.


Brand Identity
Design Strategy
Creative Direction
Graphic Design
Generative Graphics
Production Design
Experiential Design
Digital Signage
Media Servers
Motion Graphics
Film & Video
Web Design
Social Content
Content Integration
Marketing Consulting

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